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Kernel Integrated exFAT Support Performance has saved my Chia farmer

In case you did not hear, great exFAT  support has been  integrated in the Linux Kernel 5.7 quite some time ago. Unfortunately, that Kernel is not the default kernel for all Linux Distributions, namely Ubuntu. In this article we will see how drastic the improvements compared to the FUSE implementation are, and how to upgrade Ubuntu 20.04 to use the Kernel integrated  exFAT  drivers. The result on my Chia farm is actually spectacular. Previously I have missed many challenges and the system was partially slow. Upgrading to the latest Kernel with integrated  exFAT  support, this changed completely.  Before and after migrating to kernel integrated exFAT. Yes,  Seconds! Context There have been multiple ways how to operate a  exFAT  filesystem with Linux. The most popular might still be the first one, as it is the default method in many major distros extfat Fuse  relan/exfat: Free exFAT file system implementation ( exfatNoFuse (with dkms):  dorimanx/exfat-nofuse: Android ARM Linu