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Synology DS1815+ with Crashplan

I recently bought a very nice new Synology DS1815+ to replace my self-made NAS which was based on a HP Miniserver and OpenMediaVault. Although the performance was no issue, I had to spend too much work in fixing thinks after software upgrades, apt-get this and apt-get that, etc.   So, here we are are: A brand new Synology DS1815+. It comes with 8 bays (extendable to 18 bays with 2 extension-boxes with 6 additional bays each) 2 GB RAM (extenable to 16GB) 2.4 GHz (Atom C2538) A management UI that helps to run your NAS smoothly A own an existing CrashPlan+ accounts which means I pay $$$ to backup all my data to their datacenter. Fortunately, there is already a Package that helps installing Crashplan on a Synology NAS. Installation I used the installation guide from and worked with Mike Tabor's guide when it comes to the windows client installation . H