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Chia Plot and Farming Setup with SystemD

Chia Plotting Hardware There are many guides around regarding Chia hardware and performance. I followed some of them and ended up ordering the following configuration for my plotter Intel NUC10i7FNH2 Kingston KCP426SD8/32 (1x, 32GB, DDR4-RAM, SO-DIMM 260 pin) Kingston A400 (480GB, 2.5") Corsair Force MP510 I'm quite happy with this build although I'm only able to plot around 14 plots per day - with no notifications to the hardware/no overclocking, etc. However, I would go with a bigger SSD than the 480GB. It has more then enough space for the OS and blockchain, but it's very tight when using it as destination in plotman before the plots are archived. Better go for a 1 TB drive there. 👉  Tipp:  Go for a 1TB SSD, so you will have enough space for the OS, Blockchain, Logs and Destination folder for Plotman. I made the mistake and went for a 512GB, which turned out to be a bottleneck. Software I'm using the following software for my installation. Detailed configurati