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Transition your old USB-Printer to a Network printer with scanning capabilities

If you are like me, you almost certainly bought a cheap USB printer for your immediate needs during COVID. I myself bought a Canon MG2500 . It's a cheap, reliable and small printer. At the time of the purchase it had everything I needed to quickly print a couple of documents when required. Since I planned to use it only for myself, the USB only connection was not so much an issue, besides the occasional unplugging when I changed the height of my standing desk. Fast forward to today... It's still here but is now desperately missing a ethernet port or wifi connectivity. Which makes myself feel like a printer server : "Can you print the Mail I send you", "Can you print the Whatsapp?", etc. Also, the integrated scanner was barely usable due to the flaky driver in Windows 11 and the amount of handling involved. For scanning I mostly used the OneDrive app - with mixed results. Network printers with scanning capabilities offer several advantages over USB printers,