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Synology Presto Review

I still run my NAS in Switzerland while I'm living abroad in Singapore. I frequently run backups of for my files where I leverage my Switzerland NAS as an off-side backup location. After all, keeping my NAS in Switzerland is cheaper than the costs for international shipping from Switzerland to Singapore. But it comes with two draw-backs:
Average internet connection speed is still worse in Switzerland compared to other places, especially the upload speedLatency is typically around 370ms, which unfortunately has a huge impact on file transfer speeds. While the first issue can be solved with money, the second is more expensive. During some analysis on the topic, I found that Synology actually came up with an extension called Presto for their DSM. It's based on the somewhat mysterious technology called "SITA" which should solve the issue of high latency transfers.

According to their explanation on YouTube (video below), they are able to use the available bandwidth more ef…

Fixing CrashPlan Upgrade to 4.8.2

I recently got a E-Mail from Crashplan indicating that my NAS is not backing up data for more then 3 days. Since I don't check all the other backup state e-mails, this definitely got my attention

An they weren't wrong. My local installation did not connect to the NAS anymore and the java process was also missing in the Synology's task manager.

Staring the package in the "Package Canter" didn't work, but at least the log was somehow interesting
I 05/02/17 04:30PM Downloading a new version of CrashPlan. I 05/02/17 04:57PM Download of upgrade complete - version 1436674800482. I 05/02/17 04:57PM Installing upgrade - version 1436674800482 I 05/02/17 04:57PM Upgrade installed - version 1436674800482 I 05/02/17 04:58PM CrashPlan stopped, version 4.8.0, GUID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I 05/06/17 10:16AM Synology extracting upgrade from /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1436674800482_4.jar According to the discussion on the package owners blog post, this seems to…

Synology DS1815+ with Crashplan

I recently bought a very nice new Synology DS1815+ to replace my self-made NAS which was based on a HP Miniserver and OpenMediaVault. Although the performance was no issue, I had to spend too much work in fixing thinks after software upgrades, apt-get this and apt-get that, etc.

So, here we are are: A brand new Synology DS1815+. It comes with
8 bays (extendable to 18 bays with 2 extension-boxes with 6 additional bays each)2 GB RAM (extenable to 16GB)2.4 GHz (Atom C2538)A management UI that helps to run your NAS smoothly A own an existing CrashPlan+ accounts which means I pay $$$ to backup all my data to their datacenter. Fortunately, there is already a Package that helps installing Crashplan on a Synology NAS.
Installation I used the installation guide from and worked with Mike Tabor's guide when it comes to the windows client installation However, installing Java ex…