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JWT Token-Based Auth with AngularJs

Recently I developed a large customer portal where users should be able to login via different authentication providers. The backend is purely written in C# where as the frontent is basically a AngularJS Application. Authentication Flow As our entry point is an AngularJS application, we decided to use the Hybrid-Authentication Flow as defined in this RFC and explained in this article ( ) Backend-Implementation From the backend perspective, the whole authentication process is delegated to the Identity Server from ThinkTecture, a C# Component which provides an OpenId-Connect (also known as OIDC) compilant authentication-server. Check it out at , the version 2.0 was just released a few days ago. As per this delegation, a trusted relationship needs to be established between the backend-system (a .NET App

How to update Ghost in Azure Websites

Good old times, when updates were automated, although slow... You may have noticed that this instance of Ghost runs an Azure as a Web App. I used the wizard to create a new instance of ghost, but overlooked the version which was installed: 0.5.1! Ouh! And the current version is 0.6.4 ! You might think there is a simple Update button in the Azure-Portal or even a Auto-Update feature backed into Ghost. Yeah, could. But No , there no update procedure. Not in the Azure Portal and not in the software either. This is, 20 years after the release of Windows 95, even worse than the updating procedure of Windows 95/98/Me. (Ironically Windows 95 was updated through the browser, are at least kind of...). After a small research, I found this pretty nice tool, called Ghost-Updater-Azure , developed by some Microsoft folks. Microsoft Azure allows a one-click installation of the popular blogging platform Ghost, but there's currently no integrated update option. This desktop app autom

Blog is finally ready

After writing numerous articles in markdown format, i finally found time to choose and install an appropriate blog-software for my domain My personal goal is to be able to share new ideas, findings and interesting points in me life as developer (mostly C#, JavaScript, Html) and my personal life. Who are you emtwo? Why this name? Let me explain why I use the name "emtwo" frequently (emwtomusic on spotify, emtwocode on MSDN, ...). At my university, the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil ( ), btw. the most beautiful place to study..., the user-account m2schnyd was asigned to my student's account. As you can see, "emtwo" is just the left part of this user-account. ;) HSR, University Of Applied Sciences, Rapperswil (Switzerland) I graduated in 2011 with a bachelor degree in software engineering an started to work as C# Developer at Zühlke Engineering, Schlieren (Switzerland), Link: