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Useful Linux Commands For Managing Chia Nodes

I'm running two chia farms for about two months now. Chia has not made me rich yet - at least not financially. At the same time, it has motivated me to brush up my Linux and bash skills. I see that as a gain as well. My favorite remote shell: MobaXterm !  The below list is for myself, but maybe you also find some value on those. I started to use them quite frequently while managing my farms. Also see the following articles, where describe my setup and review some of the hardware used Chia Plot and Farming Setup with SystemD BMAX B1 Plus Mini PC Performance Review Lets get into it! Session Management Detach session and keep processes running If you start new processes in your shell, they will be terminated as soon as you exit. In cases where the processes already run in background, you can detach your session instead of terminate, by using the following commands: Ctrl + A , followed by Ctrl + D . To avoid that situation entirely, prefix your commands with nohup , which stands for &q

BMAX B1 Plus Mini PC Performance Review

Intel's NUC category  has introduced a entirely form factor to personal computers already years ago. This highly integrated and obviously small form factor computers offer an interesting set of capabilities and performance at a very interesting price point. There is a wide range of CPU, RAM and internal storage available. Some of them are extremely cheap, at the cost at outdate processor, similar to Raspberry Pi's The BMAX B1 is such an candidate, it offers okay performance for office and light internet surfing. It has somehow limited capabilities when it comes to video playback. Full review can be found on , it currently sells at USD 119.99 on AliExpress . I fully agree with the verdict from, and this mini PC is definitely only an option for light tasks, and has quite some limitations on multitasking due to the 4 GB RAM. Improved Version: BMAX B1 Plus The BMAX B1 Plus the successor of the BMAX B1 (without Plus). It got an upgrade in both CPU and RA