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Use Bodmer TFT_eSPI Library with PlatformIO

If you start playing around with TFT on your ESP8266 or ESP32, you will arrive at the excellent TFT_eSPI Library by Bodmer. It's not only magnitudes faster than the Adafruit driver, it's also comes with support for a wide range of display drivers.

Unfortunately it has one catch: The library is not really ready to be included as a library in your projects as it requires adjustments in the library itself. While it's not uncommon to define your settings with #define directives, this library expects you to patch files to configure it. The official way goes like this Locate the library folder (Windows would be Documents\Arduino\libraries\TFT_eSPI) and create your own setup in the library sub folder User_SetupsTo use your configuration, patch the file User_Setup_Select.h to include your configurationThis has obviously some disadvantages. At latest when you wan't to update the library or work with different screens at the same time. A couple of people have highlighted that as i…