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Cytron Heatsink Review for Raspberry Pi4 with Stressberry

The Raspberry Pi4 had some thermal issues in the past and people were advised to add at least a heatsink when running CPU intensive workloads. A firmware update has improved the situation to a great extend, but decided to attach a heatsink with a fan, just to be sure.
So let's see if the heatsink+fan from Cytron is actually doing anything good on the Raspi. So I wanted to gather stats for the following situations No heatsinkHeatsink with fans turned ofHeatsink with fans turned on.And I wanted then to look nice make sure that they also capture the temperature before and after the stress test. That's why I used Stressberry and loosely followed the tutorial from Core Eletronics.
But first things first: Update your system sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade
And install Stressberry sudo apt install stress pip3 install stressberry --user Detour #1Should the above command fail with an error similar to the one below, your are missing some packages to be able to build from source …

Synology Presto Review

I still run my NAS in Switzerland while I'm living abroad in Singapore. I frequently run backups of for my files where I leverage my Switzerland NAS as an off-side backup location. After all, keeping my NAS in Switzerland is cheaper than the costs for international shipping from Switzerland to Singapore. But it comes with two draw-backs:
Average internet connection speed is still worse in Switzerland compared to other places, especially the upload speedLatency is typically around 370ms, which unfortunately has a huge impact on file transfer speeds. While the first issue can be solved with money, the second is more expensive. During some analysis on the topic, I found that Synology actually came up with an extension called Presto for their DSM. It's based on the somewhat mysterious technology called "SITA" which should solve the issue of high latency transfers.

According to their explanation on YouTube (video below), they are able to use the available bandwidth more ef…