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How to prepare for SHN in Singapore?

First of all: Congratulations! You are one of the few that was either able to leave Singapore and come back, or are allowed to come to Singapore for the first time. Most probably you will spend some time in a dedicated stay home facility (SHN), and this is most probably a hotel. I've collected some considerations and tips for your stay. Unfortunately you don't know where you will stay, and there seems to be no way to know upfront or influence. Sharing is caring? If you travel with your family/partner you might have the option to share a room with them/your partner. Think twice before you do that. Can you really share a room for 14 days with another person? Would you have the same schedule? Do you have many meetings? My suggestion: Split into as many rooms as possible, and join over Skype for meals. This also gives you some privacy and you will experience things alone - things that can talk about over Skype later. Your packing list for SHN If you are already living in Singapore,